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Lazarev Levon Konstantinovich

   Born in 1928 in Tbilisy.
   In 1955 graduated from Leningrad High School of Art and Industry named after V.I. Muhina.
   Member of Russian Artists' Association since 1957.
   He is a permanent participant of Russian and foreign exhibitions. Took part in international contests and exhibitions in the USA and Austria. Personal exhibitions in Exhibition Halls of Artists' Association (Saint-Petersburg, 1989; Moscow, 1990), in Anna Akhmatova's Museumn (Saint-Petersburg, 1993), in Russian Museumn (Saint-Petersburg, 1996), in the Central Exhibition Hall "Manezh" (Saint-Petersburg, 1998).
   He is the author of many monuments in Saint-Petersburg (a monument to D.Kvarnegy; a monument to the firemen killed during the Great Patriotic War; brasses to Lui Paster, S.P. Diagilev, F.I. Shaliapin, E.A. Mravinsky).
   You can see his works in Tretiakov Gallery (Moscow), Russian Museumn, History Museumn, Museumn of Sulpture, Central Exhibition Hall "Manezh" (Saint-Petersburg), Armenian Picture-Gallery (Erevan) and also in private collections in Russia, Germany, Danmark, Itally, Sweden, etc.
   He lives and works in Saint-Petersburg.
   Levon Lazarev is one of the leading sculptures of Saint-Petersburg. Images created by the painter always have some moral idea. His art is filled with philosophy of honesty and eternal opposition to evil. That is why the viewers consider his works to be fervent and invocatory.
   He feels an inclination to the so called everlasting human values. Trying to understand the mystery of existence he as a rule goes out of the boundaries of visible and concrete. He also wants to show this way to his viewer appealing for his imagination, memory and intellect.
   Emotional force of sculptor's creations is so great that it inspires us with the feelings the author experienced. Artist's images evoke a lot of associations, bounds, recollections. Perhaps this understanding of author's way of thinking is the main point of real art.
   Lazarev works in different ganres of art - sculpture, painting and graphics.

   Levon Lazarev's photo album

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