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Viktor Lyapkalo

   Born in Ukhta in 1956.
   Graduated from the I.E. Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (Department of Painting) in 1987.
   Member of Russia's Artists' Association.
   Lives and works in St. Petersburg since 1990.
   His works are exhibited at: Ukraine's Ministry of Culture collection (Kiev), Russia's Artists' Association (Moscow), in private collections of Russia, Ukraine, Finland, Germany, Israel, Norway, Sweden and the U.S.
   V. Lyapkalo participated in local and international exhibitions.
   Personal exhibitions: Hessen, Germany, 1996.
   Viktor Lyapkalo works in the genres of portrait, landscape and nude model painting. Over the last years he has been working on erotic subject matter. The erotic genre attracts V. Lyapkalo because it allows him to touch upon the rich realm of human emotion. Explicit in his representation of sexual subjects, Lyapkalo paints the nude female body more often than anything else. He presents it boldly, not to say frivolously. Because of his bold painting style, his love for vivid color and large form, Viktor Lyapkalo's works are filled with the feeling of joy and fullness of life.

   Viktor Lyapkalo's photo album

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"Personalities of St. Petersberurg" almanach

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