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Ivanov Sergei Borisovich

   Russian Federation's Minister of Defense.
   Sergei Borisovich Ivanov was born January 31, 1953 in Leningrad. He left Leningrad in 1980 and lived in Moscow since then.
   Graduated from the Translation Department of Leningrad State University's Philological Faculty, from Higher KGB courses in Minsk in 1976, from First Main KGB Board's 101st School (known today as V. Andropov Red Banner Institute) in 1981.
   He has been serving in the KGB since 1976. After graduating from Higher KGB courses in Minsk he was directed to work at Leningrad city and region's State Security Board. There he met Vladimir Putin, who was serving in the same subsection Sergei Ivanov was in. The subsection was involved in intelligence activities.
   Since late 1970's he has been serving in First Main KGB Board's central administrative system, in charge of external intelligence services. He has worked in the External Intelligence Services organization for a total of two decades, occupying various positions in its central administrative system and abroad (in Europe and Africa). He worked as Deputy Chief of one of the External Intelligence Services organization's boards. In mid 1990's he became one of the youngest generals in the organization.
   Since August 1998 he has been Deputy Director of Russia's Federal Security Service and Chief of the organization's Department of Analysis, Forecasts and Strategic Planning. On November 15, 1999 he has become Secretary of Russia's Security Council (according to Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Yakushkin, it was Vladimir Putin who suggested that Sergei Ivanov should be appointed to this position). He was appointed to the post again by Vladimir Putin's decree on May 27, 2000.
   S.B. Ivanov has been given the military title of Lieutenant General in 1999. On November 9, 2000 President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on Sergei Ivanov's retirement from military service. He will be occupying the post of Secretary of Russia's Security Council as a civilian.
   Sergei Ivanov is fluent in English and Swedish. He has been married since 1976. His wife is an economist by education. The couple has two sons.
   On March 28, 2001 Sergei Ivanov has been appointed the Russian Federation's Minister of Defense.

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