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Yakovlev Vladimir Anatolyevich

    Vice Premier minister of the Government of Russia.
    He was born in November, 1944 in the Yakut town Olekminsk, where his mother was evacuated from blockade Leningrad. Immediately after the war his family came back to the city on the Neva River and practically all his working biography is connected with his native city.
    Over here he graduated from The Leningrad Assembling Technical College and later - The Leningrad Polytechnic Institute - " Major Building and reconstruction " Department.
    He began to work as a site foreman, then he managed the repair - construction trust and after that he became a chief engineer of the territorial - industrial housing management.
    Since October, 1993 he was the 1st deputy mayor of St. Petersburg, also he was at the head of The Committee of Municipal Economy. After elections in June, 1996 he became a Governor of St. Petersburg, a member of UNESCO Committee. In August, 1996 he was elected a President of "North - West" Association , which unites the heads of executive and legislative authorities of 12 Federation subjects in the North - West region of Russia.
    In March, 1997 he became a chairman of the Investment Assistance Council.
    On May 14, 2000 Vladimir Yakovlev has been re-elected for a second term as St. Petersburg Governor.
    On June 16, 2003 appointed Vice Premier Minister of the Government by the order of President of Russia.
    At present he is an actual member of Cosmonaut Federation, a co-chairman of " Club 2003" in New York, a president of the Guardian Council of International Society of The Russia Museum's Friends, a chairman of the Guardian Council of the Sport Invalids Fund "Edelweiss", a president of cycling Federation of St. Petersburg, a member of the editorial board of "Politick " journal, the Honored member of the officer " St. Petersburg naval Council".
    Vladimir Yakovlev is a candidate of economic science, a professor of mimning economy department at the Polytechnic University, an academician of the International Engineering Academy. He is a recipient of such state awards as: the order of "Service before the fatherland", fourth degree, "The 300th Anniversary of Russian Fleet", "The 40th Anniversary of the cosmic era". He has a rank of the " Honored builder of Russia".
    Vladimir Yakovlev is interested in Russia history, numismatics. He actively goes in for tennis, basketball, football.
    His wife - Yakovleva Irina Ivanovna.
    His son - Yakovlev Igor Vladimirovich.

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