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The history of JSC Petersburg Tractor Plant, a subsidiary of JSC Kirovsky Plant, goes back to Putilovsky Zavod, one of the oldest and the most famous machine-building companies of Russia, established as long ago as in 1801.

Tractor production in Russia was born in 1924, when the plant produced the first tractors Fordzon-Putilovets, based on American Fordzon. By the beginning of 1930th the production of drill-harrow tractors Universal-1 and Universal-2 had been expanded. By 1941 the plant had produced 125 thousand tractors.

Since 1962 the plant has been manufacturing powerful tractors for agriculture Kirovets (K-700) featuring a wide range of gears, which has found application in other industries: oil and gas, extractive industry, construction, etc.

In 1975 the plant put out the 100,000th tractor K-700. The same year production of new tractor models was started: K-700A (engine capacity 220 h.p.) and K-701 (engine capacity 300 h.p.).

In the end of the 70th, beginning of the 80th, tractor production was improved. Tractor production grows. New tractor modifications entered production: agricultural tractor K-701M with a renovated design, safer cab, powerful engine of 335 h.p., wheel dragging tractors K-703 for timber industry.

In 1989 the 400,000th tractor was put out.

In the beginning of 90th industrial machinery went into production: loader, bulldozer, vibroroller, universal road machine, etc. Meeting the requirements of the West market, in 1995 the company, together with the German Land und KFZ Technik, develops the new wheel tractor K-744 (engine power 350 h.p.). The same year export of the tractor to Germany was started.

In 1996 production of loosening ploughs was started, in 2001 the plant began to manufacture disk harrows.

In 1997 the company got a certificate of ISO 9000 and certificates of compliance for its road constructing machinery.

More than 460 thousand Kirovets tractors have been manufactured during 38 years.

By the end of 1999 a new modification of K-744 tractor, P line, has been developed.

In 2001 the new generation of agricultural tractors K-744, P-line, were certified in Europe and Russia and included in the Federal List of Agricultural Machinery. these tractors distinguish by their ergonomic and technical characteristics, enhanced comfort, convenience of driving, modern design and safety.

New tractors allow to gang up with them any Russian and foreign agricultural machinery and tools, including wide-level combined machines, which enables to save considerable money for field operations.

The first pilot runs of these machines, put on the market in 2000, showed themselves perfectly in many Russian regions, as well as in Belarus, Bulgaria, Germany.

In 2001 K-745 tractor (engine capacity 420 h.p.) was developed, intended for the west market. One of them was demonstrated at the Hanover Fair.

Since February 1, 2002 the production of K-700A, K-701, K-703, which no more met the requirements of the present, was completely changed by production of K-744, P-line.

By now the company has the following product range:

  • agricultural tractors of the drawbar category 5:
    K-744P (250 h.p.), K-744P1 (300 h.p.), K-744P2 (350 h.p.);
  • a range of multipurpose loosening ploughs PRUN-8-45-01(02,03,04);
  • disk heavy harrow BDT-720;
  • industrial machinery::
       front loader 702--6;
       wheel bulldozer 702-01-;
       multipurpose road machine 702-2;
  • wood machines:
       skidding machine -703--56;
       palletizers -703--163; -703--195.

The company has an active marketing policy, is constantly looking for new niches, improves sales activity, develops its sales and service nets, has a goal-orientated policy in developing of new machinery models.

Contact info:

Postal Address: Stachek Pr., 47, St. Petersburg, Russia, 198097
Marketing Department: (812) 184-63-62, 184-99-06
E-mail: market2@sptz.ru, bpm@sptz.ru,
http: www.kirovets.com

In Russia:

Delivery of Tractors: - (812) 184-99-06, 183-85-18
Delivery of Spares: - (812) 183-85-24
Export: (812) 183-47-16, 183-62-06
Purchase Department: tel./fax (812) 184-62-14, tel. (812) 183-67-87
Cooperation and Components Department: (812) 252-13-49

The official dealer of JSC St. Petersburg Tractor Plant - The General Sales Company JSC AGROTEKHMASH

Postal Address: Kamennoostrovsky Pr., 11, St. Petersburg, Russia;
Tel/Fax: (812) 324-25-40, (812) 324-25-41, (812) 324-25-42, (812) 324-25-43,
Fax: (812) 324-25-44
E-mail: e-sales@atm.axon.ru,
http: www.kirovets.com/agrotechmash
Director General: Petrov Aleksander Borisovich
E-mail: petrov@atm.axon.ru

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