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Sosnora Victor Aleksandrovich

   Poet, prose writer.
   Was born on April, 28, 1936 in Alupka. Studied at the philosophical faculty of the Leningrad State University. In 1958 the first poem was published. In 1962 the collection of verses "January downpour" with N. Aseev's foreword was released. The next Sosnora's collection "Triptych" devoted to N. Aseev was published in 1965. Sosnora has translated Catull, Oscar Wild, Edgar Po, Aragon, Allen Ginsberg. For thirty years he was the leader of literary studios of youth in Leningrad. He published eight collections of poems and two books of prose (the collection of stories "The Flying Dutch", 1979 and the novel "The House of Days", 1990). His books are translated in the USA, Germany, Czechia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, France, etc. Sosnora himself designs his books. A member of the Russian writers assosiation, a member of the Academy of Russian verse in Moscow. The winner of the Apollon Grigorjev's Award for the book of poems "Where are you going? And where is a window?".

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"Personalities of St. Petersberurg" almanach

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