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Literary work of
Feodor Shkrudnev

  1. Book 1 “Collection of articles and publications” 2012–2013, part 1
  2. Book 2 “Collection of articles and publications” 2012–2013, part 2
  3. Book 3 “Collection of articles and publications” 2014, part 3
  4. Book 4 “Collection of articles and publications” 2015–2017, part 4
  5. Book 1 “The Time of Truth Has Come”
  6. Book 2 “The Time of Truth Has Come”
  7. Book “Collection of answers to readers' questions”

Nicolai Levashov's “SvetL Broom” in Alexander Khatybov's “Bath School” and a Labor Spade. Books 1-5

  1. Book 1. Unmasking the hidden (Intervention: how it happened);
  2. Book 2. The Bath School (Who and in what way is washed in the “bath”);
  3. Book 3. The Cell and Health (The reasons of health are in the living cell);
  4. Book 4. The Physics of the realities (Supplementing we accept the reality mosaic);
  5. Book 5. Complexity and degree of falsity (“Bathhouse” made simple).
Co-author of books
  • F.D. Shkrudnev, S.A. Tsvetkov, G.K. Yuzufovich “Business Psychology” 1992
  • F.D. Shkrudnev, I.A. Pashkevich, L.A. Crafts “The device of the Russian farm” 1998
  • F.D. Shkrudnev, V.A. Iktisanov “Mysterious Dark Oily Liquid” 2019

Feodor Shkrudnev

Personal website of Feodor Shkrudnev: https://en.shkrudnev.com

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"Personalities of St. Petersberurg" almanach

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